Employer FAQs

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Work with Cyber Chasse

1. Why should I choose Cyber Chasse for staffing services?


We specialize in understanding your recruitment needs and serving you with the right talents irrespective of the number of candidates you need. Our team can get you candidates with varied skills and experience based on your requirement. You can register with us and search for the right candidate directly on our website or call us at +1 813-544-4009


2. Should I pay a service charge to hire candidates?


Yes, but our service charge is highly competitive. Besides, you can save a lot of time as well as minimize the overall cost involved in recruitment and training.


3. How does Cyber Chasse differ from other staffing agencies?


Cyber Chasse always aims at offering only the best. Hence, our team analyses your recruitment needs thoroughly and provides well-trained experts both on-site as well as off-site. If you look for a candidate for a niche job, we select candidates and offer intensive training to them to help you get knowledgeable candidates.

Find Extraordinary Talents

1. Do you work only for the IT industry?


Absolutely no. We have specialized teams working for different industries and domains including IT, finance, creative, administrative, marketing, and many more.


2. How long would you take to close a position?


Although it varies for each and every position depending upon your requirement, we try to close it immediately. Our large candidate pool and extensive network with experienced professionals belonging to different industries is our major strength. So, we ensure that you get full-time, part-time, or contract-based candidates almost immediately.


3. What should I do, if I’m unsatisfied with the candidate you provide?


We do multiple rounds of interviews and scrutinize candidates to filter out the right ones. But, if you still don’t like the candidate for some valid reason you can get a replacement. To know more about the terms and conditions related to replacement, contact us.

Recruit Skilled Remote Professionals

1. Would I be able to hire remote/off-site candidates?


Yes, you can. Our vast candidate network across the globe can help you pick the right talent for your firm. We also help you to choose the right remote work set up to let the candidates start work as soon as possible.


2. Do you offer technical support to candidates to help them work remotely?


Indeed, we help them safely connect through your firm’s VPN to help them have a secure virtual setup.


3. How will the candidates be able to access my firm’s virtual network?


Be it VPN, VDI, or any other remote access, Cyber Chasse’s technical team can help candidates connect with your virtual network seamlessly.


4. How secure will be the virtual workspace?


Undoubtedly, the virtual workspace is safe and secure as it is backed by the technical support of Cyber Chasse with effective enterprise security tools. We provide best in class threat intelligence and round the clock monitoring support to safeguard you from any cyber threat. However, we can’t store or retrieve your data.


5. What happens to the virtual workspace setup once the assignment is over?


We’ll instruct the candidates to safely handover all your data, and once it is done we will immediately delete their virtual setup and components. But, you need to inform us once the assignment gets over.

Payroll and Timesheets

1. Where can I find timesheets and how do I approve them?


After registering with Cyber Chasse successfully, go to your dashboard to view timesheets and approve them. If there are more candidates, a list will be displayed. You can choose the one you want to view and approve. If you have any queries, you can email us at info@cyberchasse.com or call us at +1 813-544-4009


2. Can I view past timesheets?


Yes, you can. In the dashboard, you can find the timesheets of every individual you hired from us. You can click on the one you want to view. The history usually displays data for the past 12 months.


3. What should I do if I have questions related to payroll?


For payroll or any other queries related to our services, you can email us at info@cyberchasse.com or call us at +1 813-544-4009

Account Management

1. Can I post jobs directly on your website?


No. You can contact our team whenever you have a requirement. We will understand your requirement and post them on our portal to help you get the right match almost immediately.


2. Can I view candidates’ profiles?


Yes, you can. After successfully registering with us you will be able to view candidates’ profiles and communicate with them.

Have More Questions?

If you still have more questions, please don’t hesitate to send an enquiry or write to us at info@cyberchasse.com

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